How to Add Application Shortcuts on Ubuntu Desktop

Vipul Kumar
2 min readAug 8, 2020


Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash

Here we are going to learn how can we create a desktop shortcut for an application and find the same using finder.

Step 1: Go to Files -> Other Location -> Computer -> usr -> share -> applications and open terminal here.

Step 2: Run the command sudo nano my_app.desktop (enter the password when prompted).

Step 3: Paste(shift + insert) the below code in the window.

[Desktop Entry]
Version = 1.0
Type = Application
Terminal = false
Name = STS
Exec = /path/to/the/executable/file
Icon = /path/to/the/icon/to/show
Categories = Application;

Step 4: Save(ctrl + o) the file.

Step 5: Exit(ctrl + x) from the nano editor.

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